Lorraine Adams - Almost Famous

Anonymous - Missed Connection - m4w

Rachael Antony and Andrew Dean Nystrom - The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel

Rebecca Armendariz - Chat History


Roland Barthes

Jonas Bendiksen - The Places We Live

Walter Benjamin

John Berger - Ways of Seeing: episodes one and two

Berners-Lee - On The Read/Write Web

Stefana Broadbent - TED Talk: How the Internet Enables Intimacy

Jorge Luis Borges - library of babel

Alain de Botton

Vannevar Bush - As We May Think


John Cage - Indeterminacy

Sophie Calle

Italo Calvino - Six Memos for the Next Millenium

Anne Carson

Nicholas Carr

Ryan Case - Daytum

Kyle Chayka - What Is Internet Poetry? A Definition in Verse

Ivan Chtcheglov - Formulary for a New Urbanism

Teju Cole - Small Fates

Charles Cumming - The Twenty-One Steps


John D'Agata, Jim Fingal - from Lifespan of a Fact

Meghan Dailey - Colors / Ash

Jesse Darling - Arcades, Mall Rats, and Tumblr Thugs

Joan Didion - On Keeping a Notebook


Sergei Eisenstein - Word and Image

T. S. Eliot - Tradition and Individual Talent


Paul La Farge - Colors / Black

Nicholas Felton

Flaneur Society - Guide to Getting Lost

Carrie Frye - The Epic Live-Tweeting Of Last Night's Park Slope Coop Meeting


William Gass - On Experimental Writing: Some Clues for the Clueless

William and Mary Gass - Architecture of the Sentence


Sonna Haraway - A Cyborg Manifesto

Malcolm Harris - Twitterland

Ed Harrison -Remembrence Day


Interiors - Psycho


Shelley Jackson:

- Skin Project

TJ Jackson Troy

Tom Junod - The Falling Man


Adam Kalkin - Day Trader

Austin Kleon - NYT Erasures


Eric Lemay - Of Studies

Jonathan Lethem - The ecstasy of influence: A plagiarism

Andrew Losowsky

David Lynch - Interview Project


Ben Marcus - The Genre Artist

Henry Mathews - Orchard

McKinney - Spent

Craig Mod - Our New Shrines

Evgeny Morozov - The Death of the Cyberflâneur

Judd Morrissey -The Jew's Daughter

Robinson Meyer -@Horse_Ebooks Is the Most Successful Piece of Cyber Fiction, Ever


Vladimir Nabokov - Good Readers Good Writers

Nerd Communications - Ben the Bodyguard



Patrik Ouednik - Europeana


Tom Phillips - pages from A Humument

Edgar Allan Poe - The Man of the Crowd

Francine Prose - Close Reading


Mike and Tim Rauch - Story Corps, a portrait of American life

Graham Rawle

Cia Rinne - Soleil 1, 2, 3

Sam Roberts - Dot-Dot-Dot, Dash-Dash-Dash, No More

Sam Rohdie - Angels excerpt from The Fellini Lexicon


Joe Sacco - The Fixer

James Salter

Nikil Saval - The Dark Knight

Matt Zoller Seitz - Private Property: Joseph Losey’s The Prowler (video)

Zachary M. Seward, Leo Mirani, and Ritchie King - We know when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sleeps

David Shields - excerpt from Reality Hunger

Dan Sinker - mayoremanuel

Carl Steadman - Two Solitudes

Michael Sullivan - The Kuleshov Effect


Deborah Tannen - Marked Women, Unmarked Men

Donald Teto - Chasing Thieves

Edward R. Tufte - The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint 2nd edition

Twitter - Twitter for Newsrooms


Various - Access to Life

Various - Mind Lab

Various - One in 8 Million

Various - 9/11 Commission Report

Various - Tweets from Tahrir

Thijs van Velzen - Gisèle d'Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht

Voice of America - Famine Strikes the Horn of Africa

w - HTML5 Intro

McKenzie Wark

Pete Warden - iPhone Tracker

Joseph Weizenbaum - Eliza, the Rogerian Therapist

John Wray - "Citizen" Tweets


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